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There are plenty of public and private schools, and especially in the east you may be able to find a position as a teacher, or at least find some hours each week as a tutor. Of course this is also one of the most competitive positions among travelers. As usualy, it is a hard job with low pay; most teachers seem to make just enough to get by.

Qualifications needed vary by country and school. But in some cases your ability as a native speaker (usually English) will be enough. Apply in person at the schools, try posting notes in a university town, or put advertisements in local English-language newspapers that you are available to tutor. Finding a job takes luck and perseverance. There should be more positions in Eastern Europe than the west, especially outside of the larger cities in regional centers.

Beware of scams that offer to place you in a teaching position but then charge a huge fee or a nice chunk of your salary. If accommodations are offered, they might be dismal. Inquire first and be wary of glamourous-sounding opportunities.

On occasion you might find postings on Dave's ESL Café, (heavily focused on Asia). General information can be found on such sites as

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