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Key General Resource Websites A site with a motherload of information, naturally, from the publishers of the best selling Lonely Planet guides (the world's largest publisher of travel guides, producing about one quarter of all English-language guides sold). The site has destination information, updates, travelers message boards, and many other resources. It takes a while to wade through all the information but once you find it, it's usually pretty solid. From the publishers of the magazine of the same name, this site has extremely practical articles for those looking for work or study abroad. You will notice that many of your web searches will link to articles on this site. While the above two focus on the world, Europe Through the Back Door's Rick Steves is all about Europe. You will find travel tips, an extensive message board, and a link to get the free newsletter. The information is slanted towards North Americans.

Speaking of message boards, this site ( has a number of discussion topics focuses on Europe, as does this one:

There are hundreds of other sites out there;,,, and especially for Canadians, You will have already seen several others throughout this site.

I would be extremely remiss if I did not mention STA Travel (, an international budget travel agency with offices in 90 countries. They offer low cost flights, rail passes, insurance and tours. They are certainly worth contacting with whatever questions you may have. You generally have to be 26 or under to use their services.

To book a flight, you can use our farefinder page, which lists several websites; go down the list and find the best price!

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