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Resource Books and Magazines


Intercultural Press ( Publishes books on living and working abroad, cross-cultural living and communicating, and intercultural relations, written by people with tremendous international experience.

Vacation Work ( publishes a ton of useful stuff, including "Work Your Way Around the World" and annual listings of summer jobs and voluntary work. For a list of titles go to

Look for "Work, Study, Travel Abroad: The Whole World Handbook" published by the Council on Educational International Exchange (CIEE, This book gives brief overviews of many countries of the world, including general travel and programs for study, work, volunteering, internships, etc. It is a good place to start researching for information, especially if you want to study abroad, but don't let the title fool you; it is not completely comprehensive for the entire world. CIEE also published "Volunteer! The Comprehensive Guide to Voluntary Service in the U.S. and Abroad" and "The Teenager's Guide to Study, Travel and Adventure Abroad". You may be able to find these old gems through a web search.


"Transitions Abroad", mentioned previously, is a real nuts and bolts guide for travelers, and each issue is filled with a wide variety of specific information on work and study overseas. Get their Educational Travel Resource Guide, published each summer, which is bursting with up-to-date addresses and information on travel, work and study abroad, including a list of publishers and organizations offering travel information. Specialized types of travel such as family travel, third-world travel, ecotourism, disability travel, senior travel, etc., are also covered.

Frommers produces "Budget Travel" magazine. While this magazine's website is somewhat annoying, they do have some good general articles:

Several other magazines have come and gone over the years but most startups now seem to be going directly online with attempting a print publications. There are of course several glossy or semi-glossy magazines. Backpacker ( is rather hit or miss but perhaps the most relevant of the lot. Conde Nast Traveler ( and National Geographic's Traveler ( are more upscale but are sometimes interesting. Outside magazine ( seems to be all about how to be a wanker for a lot of money.

A monthly travel newsletter that has withstood the ravages of time is called "Travel Smart" and features all kinds of little-known bargains on both domestic US and international travel, and is a good bet for those who travel extensively. Most of the bargains are with tourism staples, like air fares, hotels, car rentals and cruises. Subscribers also have access to discount travel services. This may be overkill if you are simply planning a one-time summer trip to Europe, however. (

Another monthly newsletter is the "Consumer Reports Travel Letter", from the Consumer Reports family of publications. It is more for frequent travelers with less budget woes, but there may be occasinal items of interest for budgeteers such as ratings of travel agents and airlines, and information on frequent flyer programs. (

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